Sonic Shockwave Treatment for Heel Pain – WGN

WGN a TV station in Chicago did a piece on ESWT and it’s effectiveness.  The system used in this news piece is not a SONOCUR but you can see some testimonials and how the procedure works.  The procedure for the treatment they are showing is the same as the SONOCUR treatment.

A shock for patients who suffer from heel pain. Local doctors say sonic technology can put the bounce back in your step.

Fran Smith: “Reach your right arm up …”

The poses come naturally for Fran Smith. This yoga teacher now moves freely … and free of the pain that once held her back.

Fran Smith, Heel Pain Patient: “I just started feeling pain in my heel. I felt everytime I stepped down, it was almost like I was stepping on a tack. And I just got pain shooting up my foot, all the way up.”

Fran was suffering from plantar fasciitis … painful inflammation of the fibrous band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the ball of the foot.

Dr. Gregory Amarantos, Podiatrist, Weil Foot & Ankle Institute: “What happens is repetitive trauma, the band on the bottom of the foot will stretch. With chronic stretching, the band will start to pull off of the heel bone. You get localized inflammation and you get pain.”

via Sonic Shockwave Treatment for Heel Pain – WGN.

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